Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission:-
Our Mission is to Encouraging young talents, Knowledge of cultural heritage amongst young people, Reduce Obstacles to Young people’s access to culture, Disseminating information on Cultural opportunities, Help Needy Peoples, Establish Library, and Start Free Ambulance Services and Organizing Sports Camps etc.

1. Encourage young talents:- There are Five tips to Encourage the young Talents i.e.
 Devote a significant part of life to refining a specific talent.
 Discover your worth beyond appearance
 Develop soft skills.
 Find mentors and mentor someone.
 Failure is the beginning, not the end.

2. Knowledge of Culture Heritage amongst Young People’s:-
is one of the objectives of associations and institutions. They aim at raising young people’s awareness of the history of their society and of their living environment (heritage, architecture, landscape, etc.) through diverse approaches: tours, workshops, encounters and personal accounts, local arts and craft practices, etc.
Raising young people’s awareness of cultural heritage.

3. Reduce Obstacles to Young people’s access to culture:- Democratizing the cultural participation of young people is a key priority of the State-led policies and policies run by local authorities and private not-for-profit structures alike (associations, foundations, etc.).

4. Disseminating information on Cultural opportunities: – The various stakeholders advocating cultural participation among young people promote cultural opportunities through a range of actions: events, national campaigns and use of information dissemination tools.

5. Help Needy Peoples: – There are many ways how to help Needy people’s i.e.
 Donate to charitable organizations.
 Provide employment opportunities for needy people.
 Help the needy with necessities.
 Educate the needy children and support their families financially.
 Share what you have to the needy in your neighborhood.
 Stop judging the poor and stop looking down on those without, you have
nothing to lose.
 Learn how to be proactive and see the bright side of life.

6. Establish Library: – Establishing a new library, or developing an existing collection of books and other materials into a library, involves several functions: creating the oversight or governance structure, defining the mission and purpose of the organization, securing funding, planning and developing a collection.

7. Start Free Ambulance Services: – The main objective of our NGO in Medical Line to start free ambulance service which
will take patients from their homes to the closest hospital and also to State Capital or AIIMS or PGI Chandigarh.

8. Organizing Sports Camps:- The main objective of our NGO in Sports line to encourage youth against Sports and we
start every month Little Sports Camp and also try to start every year one sports Event at a large Scale